Saturday, August 12, 2017

New 6x6 comic "Fortune" drops at Boise Library Comic Con!

For a few years now Boise's own "Mystery House Comics" has put out a themed comic called 6x6. 6 artists paired with 6 writers to produce a comic book. This year I'm illustrating the first story in the book, written by Steve Willhite (who also provided our great cover!)

The book "Fortune" premieres at the Boise Library Comic Con on August 26th and 27th. During the show all 12 of us will be at the Mystery House table at some point or another and you can follow the links to get more information.

I'll be there with Steve on Saturday, August 26th from 2:30 pm to 5 pm. I'll have art and Zombie Circus books for sale too. Hope to see you all there!

San Diego Comic Con 2017

Another Comic Con has come and gone, and was actually fun again this year. Saw lots of great art, artists I know, and some new people. And for the second year in a row I had another color piece published in the souvenir book, given away at the Convention. Another "Batman" bubblegum card, this time for the 25th Anniversary of "The Batman Animated Series." A wonderful cartoon for all ages, that premiered in 1992. My art can be found on page 230. I also sent in a Batgirl 50th piece of art, but they didn't use it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Two Models in Delicious Dolls June "Spicy" Issue!

In the June 2017 special "Spicy" issue of Delicious Dolls I have two photo sets. Page 18 shows Southern California model Chrissy Marie in bed, eating candy and reading. And traveling model Jessica Lake can be seen on page 41 baking cupcakes. Below you'll find the cover, contents page and an unused photo for each model. Follow the links to find the Delicious Dolls website and get yourself a copy!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mystery House 6x6 Fund Raiser.

This year I will be part of a comic book from local independent publisher Mystery House Comics. For the past few years they have published the anthology 6x6. A book that teams six writers with six artists all working on a common theme. This year the theme is "Fortune" and I'll be illustrating a 5 page story by Steve Willhite (a very talented artist himself!)

Recently Mystery House launched a funding campaign for the book and could use your help. They are offering a number of goodies for every level of support. They range from original art to previously published works. If you're interested in getting some stuff while helping out - follow the links below. And thanks in advance for your support!

Wolfie in Delicious Dolls Magazine!

The new special edition of Delicious Dolls magazine is out and a few of my shots of Necrowolfie are on page 21. This is the May 2017 "Military Issue" and shows Wolfie in a uniform hat and jacket from a country that I can't remember! (Maybe someone out there knows.) This is the first time Necrowolfie has appeared in Delicious Dolls. Below you'll find a link to get a copy, along with the cover, contents page and a shot of Wolfie that wasn't used.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3x3 Illustration Directory for 2017!

The annual 3x3 Illustration Directory for 2017 is now available. Follow the links below to see my art for this year and for all you who buy and use art, a link to get a copy.

This year my model for the art was a shot of Wolfie. The picture posted shows the original shot before all the digital work. See the final version of "Vespiary" on my website home page or on the 3x3 site.