Thursday, December 4, 2014

Zombie Circus on SALE!!

Until December 12th "Zombie Circus" will be on sale for $14.99 at Amazon. Perfect for all your zombie loving friends and family. 40 pages of Zombies, Voodoo and a love story at a temporary low price for the holidays! Use the link below.

Zombie Circus on Amazon

Zombie Circus News!

My Zombie Circus website homepage has won me my 14th American Graphic Design Award. This is my 11th year in a row as a winner. It will be published in the December issue of Graphic Design USA and available on their website. Thanks to all the judges this year!

Infected By Art volume 3

I have recently entered a contest to be in the 3rd "Infected By Art" book. The public can vote in this competition, so if you like my work please give me some votes. My art can be found at the link below:

Infected By Art Voting

The deadline for public voting is December 9th 2014