Monday, June 6, 2016

More News From Europe: GLOWINSKIS' LIBRARY

Tadeusz "Teddy" Glowinski is a volunteer librarian in Poland who decided to start a non profit library of his own. Tadeusz asks writers, other librarians, artists, and publishers to donate books to his cause. Hard work and kind hearts have produced Glowinskis' Library, a library of over 8,000 books in 55 different languages.
Recently I received an email from Teddy asking if he could add something of mine to his project. Below is a picture of Teddy holding the copy of Zombie Circus I donated. I hope the people in Poland like it!

A new book: Art Compass 2016

I was asked to participate in a new art book last year and I'm happy to report that some of my digital art and information are included in Art Compass 2016. Art Compass 2016, a new book by author and prominent art publisher Ulrich Goette Himmelblau was released in April of 2016 by Art Domain’s WhoIsVerlag. The first Art Compass 2016 is meant to be “…an authoritative text and a comprehensive reference book of contemporary protagonists of the classical arts of painting, graphics and sculpture.”

Art Compass 2016 will be presented at the Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fairs. And is available on Amazon.

The Muse Magazine

I recently submitted work to and was published for the first time in The Muse Magazine. Photos of Necrowolfie are in the May 2016 issue. Follow the links to find The Muse Magazine and buy your own copy.

An unpublished shot of Wolfie from the photo shoot in the May issue. A shoot inspired by the Arachne myth.