Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wolfie in Wild Heart Magazine January 2016

A few photos of Wolfie in a cemetery are in the January 2016, vol.1 issue of Wild Heart Magazine. Below is an unpublished shot from our set.

The Table of Contents from the issue:

And the front cover:

Follow the links below to buy a copy and visit the magazine's Facebook page.

The Illustration Directories are out.

This year I have work in both the 3x3 Illustration Directory and The Directory of Illustration 32. Both books are finished and ready for the art directors. Follow the links to the directory sites to order your copy.

My page from the Directory of Illustration, it is page 462.

Trained Eye Graphics is new.

I have finally finished and posted the new Trained Eye Graphics web site. It will stay as it is for a long time and you'll now have to check this blog for updates. Select under the home page below to see the new site.