Saturday, October 27, 2018

Graphis Journal Issue #359 (Pre-Order)

I was recently asked to provide a testimonial for the Brazilian photographer Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich (we shared a page in the 2017 Graphis Photography Annual), that, along with other testimonials and a review of his work can be found in the Graphis Journal Issue #359, now available for preorder.

And because it's Graphis you'll also find a number of other talented artists and photographers in this publication.

Graphis Photography Annual 2018 now available.

The Graphis Photography Annual for 2018 is now available. My digital photographic art "Vespiary" won gold this year and can be found on page 77 in the book. And model Necrowolfie can be seen in the original photo below. Follow the link below the picture to get a copy of your very own!

6x6 "Home" now available!

Mystery House Comics' latest (and last!) issue of the 6x6 series is now available. I have a painting (of a wooden door) and illustrated the 5 page story "Trespassing an Observance" in this new comic. We also had a party in Boise to celebrate the release and had actors perform the comics during a visual presentation of the book (pictures below). You can get a copy of this, or any of the 6x6 books at the link below.

And for those of you in the Boise area you can get a copy of 6x6 Home at Captain Comics. Here it is in the store:

Store Hours:
Mon, Tues, & Sat= 10:30 am – 6:00 pm
Wed, Thur, & Fri= 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Closed Sunday
Captain Comics
710 S. Vista Ave.
Boise, Idaho 83705
(On Vista across from the Benchmark)
Phone: (208) 336-2333

Graphic Design USA Cover Contest 2018

For their October issue Graphic Design USA Magazine had a cover contest. The winner(s) were to be printed and added to the regular cover of the October print issue. I decided to create a cover (or two) to submit and while I didn't win I did get an Honorable Mention and you can see my submission, listed as "Midnight Stroll" at the GDUSA site at the link below. Below you can also see a sketch for the original painting.

See all the covers here: