Monday, August 24, 2015

Prints at Chris' Art Resource

My friend Chris Wilson has supplied art for Hollywood through her company Chris' Art Resource for a number of movies, tv shows, and commercials. She offers custom art for sale or rent. Chris recently added some of my silk screen prints to her site for rent by Hollywood (or anywhere else) art directors. So follow the links below to see what she has to offer.

Chris' Business Information:

Chris' Art Resource (CAR) : Cleared Art for Rent and Purchase, Handmade Props, and Made-to-Order Art
1035 Myra Ave
LA CA 90029
Open Mon-Fri 10:30-2:30
or by appointment    
(weekends too!)
Just call or text:      

Zombie Circus Review at Zombies and Toys

Reviewer Matt Boiselle at the website Zombies And Toys ( has posted a very favorable review of my book "Zombie Circus" on their site. So go on over there and see what he has to say. While you're there have a look around and catch up on all things zombie and then go buy one of my books!

Mike Vosburg's Mad Mummy #6

One of the many great things about attending artist William Stout's Sunday life drawing workshop was meeting and getting to know some of the best artists in the business. Mike is one of those artists. Probably best known for drawing the comic covers for HBO's show "Tales From The Crypt," Mike has had a long and varied career as an artist. His newest comic is called "The Mad Mummy" and like his other books "Lori Lovecraft" and "Retrowood" it's a joy to read (and look at). Mike was nice enough to include a two page story by author Christopher M. Faulkner that I illustrated called "Reap What You Sow" in issue #6! He also added a short bio (for both of us) and some other samples of my work.

See the links below for more information about Mike and Christopher and go get yourself a copy! In fact buy all Mike's books, you won't be sorry.

Freque Magazine Blood Issue!

Some of my photos of model Necrowolfie in a bloody refrigerator are in the May issue of Freque Magazine. Our stove and fridge in our California house went out at the same time so I had Wolfie come over and put them to good use! Wolfie was always perfect for helping me realize my strange and beautiful (she was the beautiful part) ideas. And you should have seen the looks on the faces of the guys that came to get the old appliances! Get your copy at the link below. Sadly it's the magazine's last issue.

Joss Stone Cover Contest

I've fallen behind in my posts so lots of news today.

Singer Joss Stone had a cover contest for her new, recently released album, and since I'm a fan I decided to enter. And no I didn't win, but I'm sharing my entries here anyway. Turns out they did help me work out a problem I was having with another piece of art I've been working on.

I was working with the idea of gasping for breath, like when singing or emerging from water.