Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Sketch

While exhibiting at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live this year we were all informed that Award-winning Illustrator, Concept Artist, Writer, Husband and Father of two Allen Williams could not attend for reasons he had posted on Facebook.

"I feel a little like I'm naming Voldemort here but...I need to say I have recently been diagnosed with HPV related squamous cell carcinoma.  The two-month cure will surely be hard, but it will be the cure that causes difficulty, not the actual disease...somehow, I just have to get through this gate of fire."

We were all asked to contribute a drawing in a sketchbook (that expanded to 2) passed around the show to be auctioned off to help pay his medical bills. Between that and a (since closed) Go Fund Me page, over $50,000 was raised.

I'm sure more money wouldn't hurt, so discover Allen's website and blog and buy yourself some art:

A photo of my sketch can be seen on one of the Spectrum Facebook links showing the books pages (link above). Go to the Facebook page to see some of the other artist's sketches.

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