Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Joelle Jones Print!

I decided when I started printing silkscreens again (it was almost 3 years since I had printed) that I wanted to work with some other artists, making their work available as fine art prints. I was thrilled when the first artist that was willing to work with me was the talented Joelle Jones! Joelle first came to my attention as the artist behind the comic "Lady Killer," published by Dark Horse Comics. A dark, entertainingly written, beautifully drawn book that's just my cup of tea. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you get yourself a copy, then go look for all her other work (she's illustrating Batman now for DC!)

The picture I printed for Joelle is an 11x14, three color, cropped version of the cover for Lady Killer vol. 2 number 3. (see the link below) There are only a total of 40 prints, (30 regular, 5 Artists proofs and 5 Printer's proofs) and you can only get them from me (just a few copies left) or Joelle. She tells me these will be a convention only print, so check out her social media to find out the next place she'll be making a personal appearance and let her know you want one.

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