Sunday, September 8, 2019

New Photo Art in Nudes 5 From Graphis

One of the things I like best about getting art in the Graphis series of books, or any of these compilation books is the company I keep. The pages are filled with some of the best artists around.

I’ve shared pages with some very talented artists, designers and photographers. Photographers like Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich in the 2017 Graphis Photography book. In 2018 my art “Vespiary,” a model with a wasp nest on her head, ended up next to Amy Schumer’s Storm Trooper can-can line by Mark Seliger. And that is one of the reasons I’m so thrilled to find out I will have five pieces in the new Nudes 5 book from Graphis. Two Gold and three Silver winning photo illustrations will be among the pages with the likes of Albert Watson, Howard Schatz, and Joel-Peter Witkin and many more accomplished photographers! 

I can’t wait to see the finished book - and it’s been a long wait. Should be out by the end of the year from Graphis. A link to pre order is below.

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