Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Missing from the Directory of Illustration 33

I had planned to continue to advertise in the Directory of Illustration and even bought a page, but it turns out I won't be there next year. After submitting my ad (see below) I got phone calls and emails from the Directory asking me to change the ad. They were never specific and changed the reasons they wanted a different ad. During one of the calls they asked if I was "worried about what female art directors might think." I was given a number of options of what the Directory thought my ad should look like and was even pointed to the ads of other artists that I should "copy," but at no time did they ever say exactly what the problem was with my ad.
I kept insisting that the choices I made for my ad showed the type of work I'm doing now, it is all recent work and two pieces (the medusa label, and the "Pussy Whip" whip cream label) are recent national design award winners. So isn't that the work I should be showing? So have a look at it and decide for yourself.

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